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Movements, Crossings & Transfers in Turkey. From Prehistoric Heartlands to the Modern Nation-State

International Workshop | 26 & 27 September 2014, Ankara
Workshop venue: NiHA Conference Hall. Koza Sokak 111. GOP. Ankara

‘In Motion’ opens a cross-disciplinary dialogue between Archaeology and Archaeology-related disciplines, History, Political Science, Sociology and Social Anthropology to explore diverse itineraries across temporal, geographical and cultural borders in Turkey. Turkey is approached in its widest and most stretched sense connoting both the modern state/nation/society, as a place imagined from different viewpoints, and also the space/territory/land marked by the traces of pre- and proto-historic, Classical, Byzantine, Ottoman or contemporary histories. Researchers from both Turkish and international institutions will present recent and unpublished work on a variety of themes relating to the conditions and regimes that facilitated, permitted and enforced the movement of people, things and ideas.

The workshop is the third of a series of events exploring ‘divisions, connection and movement’ in Turkey from pre-historic times until the present day, organized by the British Institute at Ankara in collaboration with major academic and research institutions. ‘In motion’ is organized by the BIAA in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute of Higher Education (NiHA)

Limited places for listeners – On-line registration is required

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Organising Committee: Emma Baysal, Jak Den Exter, Leonidas Karakatsanis. Lutgarde Vandeput
Part of the “Divisions, Connections & Movements” Research Project Funded by the

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