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This workshop is the third of a series of events exploring ‘divisions, connection and movement’ in Turkey from pre-historic times until the present day, organized by the British Institute at Ankara in collaboration with major academic and research institutions. The previous two events focused on the material media or constraints of movement. The workshop ‘Bordered Places | Bounded Times’ examined ‘borders’ as physical and symbolic limits. The conference ‘Pathways of Communication’considered routes and roads as facilitators of human interaction. This third event adopts a more agent-based approach to mobility.
Our aim is to encapsulate multi-disciplinary perspectives on both past and contemporary itineraries across and within borders. The workshop will explore the conditions and regimes that facilitated, permitted and enforced the movement of people, things and ideas in Turkey. Turkey is approached in its widest and most stretched sense connoting both the modern state/nation/society, as a place imagined from different viewpoints, and also the space/territory/land marked by the traces of pre- and proto-historic, Classical, Byzantine, Ottoman or contemporary histories.
We invite papers that would contribute to the following themes:
  • In transit – experiences of transience (past and present transit immigration, refugees, nomadic life, transhumance, travel)
  • Transfers – experiences of cultural interaction, influences and ideas
  • Under control – legal regimes regulating, facilitating or obstructing movement
  • Enforced – experiences of displacement (environmental, military or political catalysts for movement)
  • Perspectives– experience of movement through gender, class or status and age


Please send your abstract to by May 15st 2014

***Deadline extended to May 26th 2014***


Organising Committee:
Emma Baysal, Jak Den Exter, Leonidas Karakatsanis. Lutgarde Vandeput
Organised by the British Institute at Ankara

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